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Technical Support Services

Do you need technical support?

Website Support

Don't have time to update your website? Our support specialists can provide you with timely solutions for all of your web content, graphics and technical needs.

  • Content Insertion & Layout
  • Graphics Creation & Updates
  • New Feature Implementation (forms, applications, modules)

Technical Support

Technical issues giving you a headache? Our expert technicians can help you get your website (and your computer) running like new again. We'll help by; identifying any issues, informing you why the issues have occurred, suggesting solutions and diagnostics/repair.


Feel confident in maintaining your website with our training sessions! We offer one-on-one training and group training sessions, which are presented where you want in at an at-your-own pace. Learn basic and advanced editing techniques, how to optimize for search, tips for maintaining accessibility, etc.

Refresher and specialized courses are available as well!

Sencia Email Setup:

Do you need help setting up your Sencia email account on your phone or desktop? Check out these guides to help you through the process:

Setting up Email on an iPhone

Setting up Email on an Android

Outlook IMAP Setup

Thunderbird Email Account Setup

Support how you want it

Online Support

Can't make it to our office in Thunder Bay? Our online GoToMeeting Centre allows us to connect with your computer remotely to assist you with training or technical issues.

Local Support (Thunder Bay)

We're proud to offer some of the best local website support in Thunder Bay. Stop by our office, or we'll stop by yours!

On-Site/ Mobile Support

Do you prefer person-to-person support but are unable to travel to our office? If you're in Thunder Bay or the surrounding area, we're more than happy to meet with you at your location.

Manual/ Instructional

Want to find a solution on your own? Our detailed documentation and product manuals are an excellent place to start.

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