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Website Accessibility, Helping Your Website Meet 508 & WCAG Compliancy

Is your website's content accessible to all of your potential visitors?

Discrimination against those with disabilities happens everywhere, including on the internet. By opting to make accessibility a priority on your website, you're choosing to make it easier for all of your potential audiences to access your website's content, including for those with disabilities.





The benefits of an accessible website!

By taking the steps to make sure your website's content is perceivable, navigable, understandable and rich enough for everyone to interpret, you're opening up a ton of great benefits.


Fight Discrimination

Over one billion people have some form of disability. Discrimination is common and happens everywhere, including on the web. By choosing to make accessibility a requirement on your website, you're working towards accessible information for everyone.

Improve Usability

New technologies are being developed all the time to allow faster and easier browsing of information online. Website accessibility practices can help make it easier to access this information regardless of what devices are being used (screen readers, tablets, mobile devices, smartwatches etc.)

A Wider Audience

15% of the world's population has some form of disability. By ensuring your website is accessible to everyone, including that 15%, you're opening up your content to a much broader audience.

Search Engine Benefits

Many search engines factor accessibility into their algorithm, which makes up a BIG component of how high your website ranks in search results. Accessible websites are easier for both people and search engines to find, navigate and understand your website’s content, which is why they generally rank better than those that were built without accessibility in mind.

Does your website meet AODA compliance?

The Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA) aims to see a fully accessible Ontario by 2025. Section 14 "Accessible Websites and Web Content" of AODA focusses on the development of a standard for websites and web content that allows everyone to access their content, no matter how it is presented to them.


Learn more about AODA and how Sencia can help you meet compliance;

Meeting AODA Section 14 "website" requirements

Some of our Website Accessibility Services:


  • Website Accessibility Audits
  • Accessibility-Friendly Web Development
  • Accessibility Services for Websites