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Social Media Services

Engage with your clients through social media.


There are endless ways to reach out to your clients and the methods of interaction are constantly increasing. Today there are over 2.3 billion users active across social media platforms - that’s 67.6% of all internet users! By tapping into the immense potential of social media you’re helping keep your clients informed, widening your audience and increasing brand awareness in one go. There’s no reason for your business not to get social!

Engaging audience on social media

The benefits of getting social:


Keep Clients Informed

Social media is a great outlet to let clients know about upcoming sales, events and to share what you're up to.

Reach Potential Clients

By reaching out on social media, you're exposing your business to potential clients that otherwise might not hear about you.

Increase Brand Awareness

By exposing your brand to social media you are increasing your online presence and making your company stand out!

Gain Valuable Feedback

Social media is built around sharing & socializing. You'll likely receive valuable insights, feedback and reviews that can help you grow and improve your company.

Increase Website Traffic

Linking to your website on social media helps direct and encourage people to discover more about your company and products.

Geo-target Audiences

Many social media platforms have built-in geo-targeting features that help you promote content to users in specific locations. Target locally, nationally or globally.

Build Relationships

By connecting with users through comments, likes, shares, tweets, and more, you can build relationships with clients that help build trust and authority.

Share Updates Quickly

Social media is designed to share updates quickly, pushing relevant and important information to the top of their news feed. This makes it a great way to share updates on events and announcements as they happen.

We can help you build an effective social media strategy

Whether you already have a social presence that requires a boost, or you’re building one from the ground up, Sencia can help you get the most out of your social media accounts.