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Web Design & Development

Creativity + Experience + Knowledge

We design & develop websites that work for you.

When you combine our innovative web designs with SIMS, our custom Content Management System (CMS), you have everything you need to not only make your website stand out, but to be able to continue to grow it as you see fit. If you're from Thunder Bay, it also means keeping your website entirely local - and keeping it local feels good! With your website designed, developed and hosted all in Thunder Bay!


We Create

Our design team creates website interfaces that are functional and beautiful. If you have established branding, our team can incorporate it seamlessly into your custom web design as well.

We Build

The majority of our websites are built on our easily customizable SIMS. However, we can also build on open source CMS such as WordPress or Drupal. From one-page static websites to large content-rich websites, we can build a website that meets your projects specific needs.

We Learn

We understand that website technology is rapidly evolving, which is why our knowledge of the industry is constantly expanding. We're always looking for new, innovative ways to make our clients and their ideas stand out.

Web Design & Development in Thunder Bay

Are you a Thunder Bay-based business looking for local web design and development solutions? Sencia Canada Ltd. was founded and is proudly located in the beautiful city of Thunder Bay. We've worked with local businesses for more than 20 years and have many clients who we've build strong relationships with throughout the years. We're always thrilled to work with local clients, whether we've worked with you before or for the first time. At Sencia Canada Ltd. we can keep all of your services locally and in one place for everything from domain name registration, website hosting and outstanding local support! Don't outsource your website's development, keep it local in Thunder Bay!

Canadian Web Design & Development

As a Canadian Web Design & Development firm, we take pride in working with fellow Canadian companies on their web-related projects. Sencia Canada Ltd. offers full Canadian web design and development services, including Canadian web hosting and Canadian web support. If you are looking to develop your website or web-related project within Canada, we'd be happy to discuss it. Ask us for a free quote.