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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services

Search Optimization that builds long-term results.


Our Search professionals are pros at making sure your website ranks for the words and phrases that count the most! Our Search Performance Packages are designed to ensure your website is always performing at its best; with regular check-ups, fine-tuning and reports that let you know the important stuff! Stuff like how many visitors there are, which pages are viewed most often, where visitors are originating from and what keywords and phrases they are using to find you.

Search Performance Audits

Is your website underperforming and you're not sure why? Our detailed Search Performance Audits will evaluate all areas of your websites on-site and off-site practices. Getting a Search Performance Audit will give you a better idea of what might be impacting your current ranking and provide you with a comprehensive plan to improve it.

LiveStats Reports

When you're serious about SEO, getting regular, accurate and detailed reports is important. LiveStats lets you know everything from where your visitors are coming from to where they're heading, how long they're staying and what your most viewed pages are. By using LiveStats you get a better understanding of your visitors and what you should be focusing on to improve visibility in search results.

SEO Fine Tuning

Following best-practices is an important step in maintaining good, long-term search engine optimization, but these practices can quickly change. New ideas are regularly being introduced to improve search results! If these practices are not taken advantage of, your code can quickly become outdated. Fine-tuning is a service that involves reviewing and improving code to ensure your website meets today's standards without requiring you to do a complete redesign or recode.

D-I-Y SEO Training

Do you prefer do-it-yourself SEO? Our professionals can help train you to take your websites search engine optimization by the reins! Learn about the differences between clicks, hits and impressions, how you can generate and understand performance reports, follow best-practices and maintain long-term results.

Let's work together to improve your search results.

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