Web Development Services

We develop websites that work for everyone.

Website Development

We develop websites that are not only beautiful, but functional! We always take everyones needs in consideration when building a website; meaning you, your clients, potential clients and anyone else. As of 2016 we're happy to say that all newer websites are mobile-friendly and take steps to ensure WCAG 2.0 guidelines are met for website accessibility- because we believe everyone should enjoy the web!

Custom Development

Sometimes a project is so unique that a completely custom application is required. In many cases we can save time and cost by using one or a combination of our existing software to find solutions. However our skilled team of programmers are more than capable of developing projects from the ground up in the rare case it's required.

Database Applications

Databases are the foundation and cornerstone of most business applications, whether they run in the enterprise or over the Internet. To ensure feasibility and growth without rebuilding your systems Sencia’s team designs and develops databases that ensure data integrity. If a company fails to build a database that ensures data integrity then the quality of the data that is stored will degrade over time. Having the quality of data degraded increases the difficulty to output and analyze this data in a proper and meaningful way.


We Work Together

Our collaborative development process means every web-based project has several hands working together to create a successful product. Due to the multi-talented nature of our staff, we have a host of designer-developers, support-managers and so on.

We Build Resources

Our most popular products are developed in-house from Thunder Bay and are based from studying our clients needs. These products are designed to be extremely flexible and are often used as resources to building larger, custom projects for our clients, saving them time and development costs.

We Collaborate!

Many of our clients and partners trust us to develop websites with the upmost attention to vision, functionality, usability and security. We often collaborate with external designers or developers to build projects that exceed expectations.

We're Always Learning

In a fast-pased digital environment, technology is constantly changing. New methods, practices and tools are being introduced at astounding rates! Just the same, our development team is always on top of it, regularily implementing new ways for our clients to stand out and excel.

Let's work together on your next web development project.

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