Custom Development

What can we build for you?

Sencia develops Web applications that provide our clients with efficiencies.

It’s imperative that your website provides you with savings in the daily cost of doing business, whether it’s automating transactions, collecting data, or providing reports. Sencia will see to it that your business becomes completely efficient in today's ever-changing market.

Sencia's customized solutions are tailored specifically to each client's needs. A completely customized site will rarely be required because of our huge module bank. From this bank, modules can be easily added to new sites or site redesigns so you can realize tremendous cost and time savings. Customized modules will then be added to meet your specific business needs. Utilizing our pre-existing reusable software components has the advantage of lowering costs, decreasing time to market, and using software that is "tried and true."

Sencia's mission is to provide innovative, powerful, fail-proof application solutions to empower clients, partners, and our people. Sencia creates completely efficient systems to help our clients achieve their mission. Our applications are about automation, reducing inefficiencies, and making your business strong.

Project Spotlight


Sencia was contracted by Family Memorials (TSX: FAM.V) to create a custom web application that allows a funeral home to design and order a monument without needing specific hardware or software. All the user needs is a web browser.

Managing orders, artwork, and even 3D representations of the monuments are all possible within this custom web application. Printable PDF order forms are generated, and the final design is ready to be produced.

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